Happy Pants CREATIVE isn't the kind of place where you'll find a lot stiffs.

Our ideal customer is someone who wants to grab a lever and move the world. We like to work with people who have a lot of energy, and a lot going for them. Folks who know that marketing is about more than funnels, analytics, and email campaigns—it's about people.

We like working with folks who think creating something new and exciting and world-changing is a daily to-do.

You're a perfect Happy Pants Books Customer if you are—

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  • An indie/self published author or a will-be author who wants to make great fiction and find an audience for it
  • A keynote speaker with a growing platform and a burning desire to inspire an audience
  • A consultant with a specialized set of knowledge and skills, and a passion for making an impact on your industry
  • An entrepreneur who loves building a business from the ground up
  • A coach who wants to change lives on a daily basis
  • A marketing professional that knows that great content is a nutritious part of this morning marketing strategy
  • A remarkable, inspirational human with a powerful story to tell
  • A world changer who values a lighter, happier, quirkier working relationship with professionals who have this book-writing thing down


Which, now that we look at it, sounds ominous. But it isn't, we swear. It's actually the most liberating thing in the world. Because if you're a Finishing client, you have a third. And we don't like thirds. We kill thirds, every chance we get.

A third of a book. A sketchy outline. A brain-splosion of ideas that, at one time, excited and thrilled you and drove you to write! And then ... meh. It lost its edge, it fell flat, it got put in a drawer.

You're the kind of client who needs someone to nudge them, guide them, and even do some of the heavy lifting for them. We have a system for that. We can take your third and make it into the book it was always meant to be. And when it's finished, you're going to feel oh-so-good. You third-killer, you. 

Branded Fiction CLIENTS

Now you, we like.

Because you're a storyteller at heart, and you recognize the power of a good story to propel an idea into the public consciousness. You either have an idea or you know a good idea when you hear one, and you know how to trust the pros to tell the story the right way. 

Branded fiction gives you something human and relatable to share with your audience, and it opens a lot of doors with its unique charm. But it takes a special sort of pro to get from idea to page in a narrative way that engages and entertains an audience. It takes a special kind of author to craft stories that stick with that audience even after they close the book.

We have authors. Oh boy, do we have authors.

Some of our authors have produced award-winning fiction. Some have been penning novels, novellas, and short stories since they were old enough to string words together. All are high-end, high-class, highly cool talent that can craft a story and include your brand in a seamless work of art. You get something unique and engaging to share with your audience. Our authors get one more book with their name on the spine. And the readers get a treat they won't soon forget. Everyone wins. And we love winning.

Author Coaching CLIENTS

Ah, artiste!

Yeah, we know you. We are you. That soul, hungering to tell stories to the world, thirsting to pour yourself onto the page and be read by a willing and eager audience, yearning to express ideas that can change the reader for the better—we've been there. 

Everyone needs a little help, when it comes to realizing their dreams. We had that help, when we were coming up. And now we want you to have that, too. That's why we've pulled together a bulging network of author experts who have been exactly where you are, and who know how to get from dreams to books on the shelf, plus how to market those books to the audience that will love them.

The ideal customer for this service isn't afraid of hard work and long hours doing things that may or may not pay off. They like trying new things, and if those don't work, they like trying new things all over again. It's all worth it, once you see that book with your name on it, sitting prominently on the shelf for everyone to gawk over.

You know you're not a Happy Pants CREATIVE Customer when ...

Hey, we get it. Not everyone is keen to our particular brand of business. Our style isn't for everyone. Our perspective doesn't always mesh. 

If you're looking for something with instant ROI, books probably won't do it for you. It can take quite a while for a book to gain traction and find an audience. The likelihood is that you'll give far more away for free than anyone will ever pay for (which can actually be a good thing ... books make great "top of the funnel" freebies!). And the chances of you hitting a bestseller's list are pretty slim, most of the time. So if the goal is fame and fortune, you may want to try to invent a jetpack or a flying car or something.

But ... 

If your goal is to create something that can shortcut your path to credibility, or build a rapport with a specific audience, or provide information, entertainment, or inspiration to the masses, you've come to the right pants.

Happy Pants.

We can definitely make an author out of you.