"Publish or Perish." "YOU GOTTA HAVE A BOOK."

You've probably heard at least one of those refrains, especially if you're a keynote speaker, a consultant, or someone who relies on your expertise and reputation to make a living. Having a book as part of your arsenal of promotional tools is a key component to success. 

Having a book with your name on the cover gives you instant credibility. It's a tangible sign of your expertise in your field. It can even function as a "business card on steroids"—the perfect ice breaker at events and the ideal upsell at speaking engagements. 

And it's not just about print. With the rise of popularity for ebooks, having a book can increase your reach globally, and create a viral tool for reaching new markets and a bigger audience.

Now is the prefect time to get your ideas onto the page, and create a tool that can help boost revenues, increase your speaker fees, or market your services as a consultant and thought leader in your discipline. 

Happy Pants Books — It sounds silly ...

That's because we don't take ourselves too seriously. Instead, we take you and your audience seriously. We use all our years of marketing and authoring chutzpah and moxie to help you craft your expertise and brilliance into a story that can engage readers, rally an audience, and maybe even change the world.

Writing is hard. Or so most of us learned in ninth grade English. Sitting down to put thoughts to page can sometimes be a daunting, grueling and even heartbreaking effort. That's why we have a staff of ghostwriters who have perfected the work to a science. Our process involves a series of interviews, first to establish the outline for your book, and then to get your thoughts on the page in an organized and engaging way. We then take those interviews and transcribe them, organize them, and shape them until they're a glorious, beautiful, powerful instrument of your will in the world. 

 In most cases, you can go from idea to finished draft in 30 days. We can even help with layout, cover design, self publishing, and marketing (just ask!). 

You need a book.

We can say that with confidence, because you're here, reading all the down to this very sentence. That means you take this idea seriously. So do we.

This is the time to start. Your ideas, your voice, your passion—all of these are part of the powerful story you can tell to your audience.

Contact us now to start building momentum, and let's work together to shape your story and have a real impact on the world.