First we pick your brain – it's painless, and even a little fun. Your personal author chats with you over Skype or by phone, and helps you get your ideas and thoughts organized into the story you want to tell. Then they compile that into an outline for the book, and give it to you for approval.

Next, we dig a little deeper – With your new and approved outline in hand, your author does a few more interviews with you to get the story in your own words. Point-by-point, straight down the outline, your author asks you questions and you do what you do best—talk about your topic and share your expertise. We record these calls and transcribe them, so we can use them to organize and write the first draft of your book.

Is it "book" yet? – Almost! Now we hand you the first draft of the manuscript, so you can offer feedback, changes, and additions as needed. This is going to be the most fun reading assignment you've ever had—because this is your book! You once again get to chat with your author, so changes can be made in real time.

Editing, editing, editing – Changes and additions in place, your author does the first round of edits, then passes the manuscript to one of our professional editors for a more intensive copy edit. One final round from the author, checking and finalizing changes, and the whole thing gets handed back to you for a final review and sign-off.

On to publishing – Finished draft in hand, now we help you with the more technical stuff! We have one of our professional cover designers build a cover that's perfect for your book, and then it's moved into layout. Once the ebook and print layouts are complete, we can assist you in getting your new book into distribution channels. Your book is available for sale within days of being published!

The process above is designed to produce a book that is 50-thousand words in length—typically around 200 pages in trade paperback format. 

That's it. Simple. Easy. And fast.!


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