your brand could give readers a thrill

With companies like Land Rover and BMW using fiction to burn their brand into the minds of readers, watchers, and listeners, "branded fiction" has become a powerful marketing tool. 

Happy Pants Creative can pair you with a fiction author who can craft a story that uses your brand, product, or service as a central theme. The work is done naturally and organically, so readers get a full novel experience without feeling they're being 'sold to' throughout the book. It's the perfect content marketing and lead-nurturing tool.

Get fifty-thousand words of branded storytelling, complete with our popular cover design and push-to-publish services, for less than most marketing departments spend on social media in a year. Contact us now to be paired with an author who will chat with you, brainstorm some story ideas in the genre of your choosing, and turn out a first draft, 50K-word manuscript. 


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