An authority is anyone who knows something about a particular topic that the majority of people don't know.

They're the expert who spent hundreds of hours educating themselves through books, podcasts, and direct experience. 

They're the consultant coming out of a multi-decade corporate career and making their knowledge and skills available for hire.

They're the keynote speaker who has an audience and a platform and the dream and drive to influence, entertain, and inspire.

They're the author with a lot to say and the discipline to sit down daily and write, publish, and promote their books.

An authority is an entrepreneur who has learned to turn their expertise into a business.

There are millions of authority businesses operating in the US and abroad, turning ideas into dollars with not much more than dedication and commitment on their side. 

Building an authority business means discovering what it is that makes you feel passionate enough to spend the long hours—longer than you would have put in for any employer—and build and market and grow that business until it is a thriving enterprise.

Do you have an authority business inside you, waiting to get out there and change the world? 

Let us know all about your authority business—the one you've built or the one you dream of building. Tell us about your wins and your fails, your goals and your mistakes, your dreams and your nightmares. And then tell us how we can help. Because we want and need more authorities like you.


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