"Why?" That's the question.

Those three letters (and that little squiggly question mark) add up to so many variables and so many options, it can actually get overwhelming. But answering it should be simple. Because the answer to "why" is the key benefit you're offering your customers. 

Why are you in business?

Why are you making your products?

Why are you offering your services?

Why do you have the customers you have?

Answer enough "whys" and you start to discover a "who." Once you know why you're doing what you're doing, you start to see the roots of your brand forming, reaching into the ground and sucking nutrients so it can grow and expand and keep providing for you.

If you look at a mission statement, the whole point is to answer the "why" question:

"We are in business to provide affordable heatlhcare to the elderly." 

"Our mission is to create products that help customers lead better lives by using well-designed technology."

"We built this company to be the answer to the customer's need for safe and reliable transportation."

Figure out the why and you figure out the business.

So why are you in business? 



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